AI Art

  • Talk to Transformer is a great tool to start playing with generating your own text.

  • I absolutely adore the RunwayML UI for machine learning and creativity, it’s as easy to use as Photoshop and gives you access to the coolest stuff being developed right now.

  • This Person Does Not Exist is a project that generates faces of human beings that, well, don’t exist.

  • is a potentially exciting community for artists working in AI.

Is It AI?

  • MIT-IBM Watson and Harvard NLP have created a tool designed to tell you the likelihood that a piece of text was generated by the GPT2. If you’re skeptical of any of the Fluxus Ex Machina scores, you can copy and paste them into the “detector” to see how they fare. (Link)

Other Projects

  • Fluxus Landscape is an interactive map of AI ethics & policy players — individuals and institutional — created by Sherry Wong