Fluxus Ex Machina Performance Workbook


100 Fluxus Scores Written By a Machine,
100 Fluxus Scores Performed By Humans

Welcome your new Robotic Fluxus Overlords.

Fluxus Ex Machina contains 100 Fluxus Scores generated by a Natural Language Processor: a machine that analyzed the Fluxus Performance Workbook (2002) and produced its own idea of what a Fluxus Score was.

Now it’s time to complete the loop: we have the scores. We need the players. I’m looking for Fluxists to choose as many of the 100 performances as excite you, and bring it from a low robot hum to a cyborganic cacaphony.

Choose a performance, document it, and send it my way. I’ll give performers full credit for the performance, host the documentation, or link to it on your page if you desire.

When all 100 Scores are completed, I hope to publish a small print catalog of performances with full credit and complimentary copy to selected performers.